Alex Blade & Tim Smith

Duration: 16:33 Views: 946 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Blowjob, Moaning, Shaved, Masturbation, Massage, Ass Play, Handjob, Cumshot, Uncut, Smooth, Russian, Twinks. /////// When noob Tim Smith is looking for a little relief from his stressful day, he texts Badpuppy's most popular guy, Alex Blade, to cum over and provide a helping hand and mouth. Alex sits down on the sofa and pulls Tim's shirt off over his head. Alex leans forward and starts kissing Tim affectionately on the lips and his hand slowly makes its way down Tim's naked chest towards the growing bulge in Tim's pants. Alex helps Tim out of his pants and upon discovering that Tim's cock is standing at full mast, Alex can't resist and he starts rubbing it thru Tim's underwear. Alex stands, strips down to his underwear and then rejoins Tim on the sofa. The deep passionate kissing resumes and Alex manages to pull down Tim's underwear. Tim's uncut cock is rock hard, his balls are tight and loaded. Alex jacks Tim's cock with one hand and slowly tweaks Tim's nipples with the other. Alex leans over and licks Tim's cock-head and Tim quivers. Alex uses his tongue to tease Tim before going down entirely on Tim's thick piece of meat. Alex gets out some massage oil, applies a small amount to Tim's cock and begins slowly rubbing it in. Tim lies back, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his cock being worked in Alex's hand. Alex starts jacking Tim's cock faster and at the same time teases his cock head with his fingers. Tim begins to moan louder and his body starts gyrating as he gets close to losing it. His body tightens and his balls all but disappear. Alex's hand brings him to a climax like he's not had in a while as thick wads of creamy white jizz spew all over Tim's abs, cock and balls.