Alec Loob Burns Cute Newcomer's Ass

Duration: 22:53 Views: 290 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Blowjob, Oral/Anal Sex, Domination, Cumshots, Moaning, Muscles, Shaved, Smooth. ////// (Alec Loob, Adan Burn). Bound and helpless, Adan Burn is at the mercy of his masterful young top, Alec Loob. It's Adan’s ass that’s going to get the punishment, and Alec spanks those soft cheeks hard until they start to glow. Pegs bite into the boy’s ass, adding to the sting until Alec reckons it's ready for some deeper attention. He uses Adan’s throat to lube up his cock before drilling it deep into his glowing ass and fucking his sub into submission. The master marks his sex slave with his jizz, leaving Adan battered and raw.