Rock Candy (Denis Vega, Klein Kerr)

Duration: 21:21 Views: 48K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: We’ve only gone and done it again! Adding to our army of boner-enducing men, Menatplay bring you yet another brand new face - and what a face it is! 25 year old Klein Kerr has all the makings of a high fashion model, so his decision to step into one of our sharp tailored suits for his debut scene seemed only natural. And we couldn’t wait to get our hands on him (metaphorically of course) and here is the result - ROCK CANDY, co-starring none other the the muscle god that is Denis Vega. Except this time round Denis pulls no punches and breaks the new recruit in, the hard way, tying him up and giving him a bit of the Vegas rough treatment. But its evident that Klein can play rough too and they engage in a man on man power-struggle, wrestling all over the dirty rugged terrain and fighting for top position. Watch Klein as he takes the upper hand and gives Denis a good hard ass pounding and proves without a doubt that he has what it takes to be an official Menatplay Man. An explosive debut for Klein, almost as explosive as his delicious cumshot! But fear not you’ll see much more of our new recruit very soon, and remember you saw him here first!