Personal Trainers #1 (2001)

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Description: Just like spirited athletes preparing for sporting events, aspiring Bel Ami models must be primed by experienced hands-on coaches. In front of your very eyes, uninhibited superstar "Personal Trainers," Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet, teach raw young recruits how to give and take it like men. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the non-stop documentary-style action is incendiary. "Personal Trainers" is erotically charged Bel Ami Reality TV. TRAINING 1 First up is sweet-faced Tommy Alvarez, who bears a slight resemblance to 1980s American porn star Ted Cox, a little cute, a little shy, but once he gets rolling, a pure sex machine. All of the scenes are basically collaborative efforts between Dano and his co-star, with both Marty and Sebastian giving them instructions -- and when Tommy is asked to get Dano excited, all he has to do is put his hand on the trainer's somewhat limp cock to get things going -- it pops up quickly, thickens appreciably, and finds a welcome home in Tommy's esophagus. This kid takes it down deeper than most Czech guys, and he drives Dano up the wall as he sucks, rims and then waits as Dano takes some time munching his sweet pecker. The highlight of each session is Dano's fucking technique, and in this scene it's all over the couch in a variety of positions (Tommy has to take time out to pee, and to relax once in a while). The great thing is that the camera continues to roll -- there are very few quick edits here, most of them coming at the end of each scene to shorten the lead-up to the cum-shots. This first scene is a sweet one, and we are treated to explosive gobs of Dano's very healthy semen, which he says has been bottled up inside him for four days while he was on military patrol. Thank you, Czech army! TRAINING 2 Next up is Ramon Valenti, a dude who reminds me of a very young Peter North (the now-straight porn star who, as Matt Ramsey, had a brief gay video career with William Higgins in the 1970s, most notably in a pig bottom teacher role with Rick Donovan plowing him in Matt Sterling's "The Bigger the Better"). Ramon apparently has a boyfriend or girlfriend (the word used by each guy is "partner" to describe the personal sex plaything) who encouraged him to shave his crotch. This gives him a bit of a satyr look, and though I am loathe to enjoy most guys who do this, Ramon is so pretty I gave it no second thought. Here he and Dano start out in bed with Ramon giving what appears to be an experienced rimjob before being encouraged to feast on the magical Sulik masterpiece. He's so good (though he claims he'll only go down 1½ inches on Dano's cock) that he excites Dano to plunge deep down on his cock as well. Here's a lesson anyone who loves watching a pro give head will deeply appreciate, the best oral work Dano has done in years. But when he gets to the fucking, it's a bombs away -- he doesn't stop, switching positions a half-dozen times without taking his cock out of Ramon's hole ("it's big," is how he describes his ability to take Dano's pole, and getting fucked, which he loves, "is the only thing my girlfriend couldn't do to me." Ha! What girlfriend, boyfriend?). He starts out in a twist on both a scissor- and missionary-fuck -- filmed through both pairs of legs so that you see Dano's cock plunge in and out, Ramon's hole absorb it and work it, and Ramon's face reeling in pleasure as Dano stares into the camera. After that, it's a compilation of "How do I fuck thee? Let me count the ways." You will lose count until the cum, which spurts in long thick gobs from Dano all over his chest and face. TRAINING 3 Finally, we have Gilles Marais, who supposedly was discharged from the paratroopers the day before, and who has never had a dick up his ass. Why not, you might ask -- he's got a sensational ass, and an even more sensational body. But it's his face that took my breath away -- sort of a cross between American porn star Luke Savage and Czech porn stars Jirka Kalvoda (Ales Hanek) and Jan Dvorak (Pavel Novotny). His gleaming, sculptured chest and abs drove me nuts as he took his pre-screening shower, and his cock, which is perfectly shaped, grows into a mid-August sized zucchini as soon as Dano takes it in his mouth, which is how the sex begins after both guys leaf admiringly through a magazine of Kristen Bjorn video stills. Dano, cool customer that he is, can't resist this tanned megahunk. In fact, Sebastian can't resist him, either. Maturing into a truly exceptional beauty (and, what an ass!), Sebastian strips out of his sweats and heads to the bed as Gilles deep-throats and titillates Dano's cockhead with his tongue. Sebastian slips a condom onto Dano's cock, and after some kidding around, Marty Stevens tells them to "stick your pricks into him everywhere." Sebastian kneels over Gilles' face and sticks his wang into the hot man's eager mouth while Dano takes Gilles legs and spreads them scissor-style for a first-time penetration into what looks to me to be a perfectly serviceable (if not well-broken in) hole. But Gilles is uncomfortable, and they try again. This time, and for the rest of the scene, Gilles hole is filled to overflowing, first by Dano, then by an attempt at a double-fuck with Sebastian (didn't work) then by Sebastian (in a particularly forceful missionary-fuck), then in three or four other positions, usually with Gilles chomping on Sebastian and Dano up the old wazoo. Finally, after a brief double-suck of Gilles by his trainers, he lets loose with a splurge and Dano splashes goo all over Gilles, while Sebastian beats off on his own. This is a totally unique twist on the "first-time" approach to breaking in young, allegedly straight, men on screen, done with heat and high spirits, never failing to keep you aroused. I can hardly wait for the next two sessions. Tommy Alvarez, Dano Sulik, Ramon Valenti, Gilles Marais, Sebastian Bonnet