Personal Trainers #3 (2001)

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Description: Bel Ami`s "Personal Trainers," Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet, Jeff Daniels and Julian Armanis, have the task of molding enthusiastic young applicants into first-class video models. And what thorough taskmasters they are! No hole is left unexplored, no body part allowed to rest. The trainees, Alan Connery, Billy Andrews, Kristof Bogdanovich and Mark Aubrey, are more than eager to please. The documentary-style "Personal Trainers" series is erotically charged Reality TV. Alan Connery, Dano Sulik, Jeff Daniels, Billy Andrews, Kristof Bogdanovich, Sebastian Bonnet, Mark Aubrey, Julian Armanis Jeff, Dano and Alan Alan is a cockhound and a begging bottom, and he shows this as Jeff Daniels, with longish hair and a prominent earring, puts down the second camera and hops into bed for an extended three-way sucking bout, much of it has Jeff and Dano worshipping Alan's truly beautiful boner. Then, Dano inserts a pillow under Alan's back and puts his sizable honker up the guy's hole while Jeff stuffs Alan's throat with his cock. What follows is anything but conservative. Dano plows Alan while Alan keeps Jeff's dick in his throat through missionary, doggy, belly-down, side-scissor and missionary-scissor combo positions, one of the more violently satisfying fucks you will ever see coming out of Prague. The heat is so intense that it seems only natural that Jeff and Dano just had to spill their incredible loads all over Alan's face -- he keeps his mouth closed throughout, but is very happy to have the shower, you can tell. Then his trainers flank him as he jerks off to a steamy streaming climax himself. If Alan's sexual politics were turned on its head by this experience, I would think he could go on to become a major, major star. Billy, Kristof, Dano and Sebastian The intensity of the sex in this scene is heightened by the fact that all three guys are into cock -- Kristof attacks cock as if he were a streetwalker looking for open zippers, and Sebastian and Dano pick up his rhythm and his slobbering, in a wall-to-wall and room-to-room cocksucking and fucking extravaganza. Both trainers pound Kristof standing up in another room, he sit-fucks his way through both of them, but the highlight of this session is that all three are eager cocksuckers -- it ends with Kristof gagging on both of them as they kneel above him on the bed, then jerk off wildly, with only Dano cumming, but doing so in such great gobs that the director thinks they've all cum together. This entire scene brilliantly takes us from the initiation of a pledge to the hell night of a new fraternity brother -- and the two pledgemasters are absolutely brilliant in the way they respond to both situations. Mark, Dano and Julian The last scene will surprise everyone who has seen the first two of the series. Our trainee is a very handsome -- and we are told, very educated and literate -- young man named Mark Aubrey, who resembles Bel Ami stars Jason Paradis and Nico Tiziani, among others. We learn early on that while he has topped before in his personal life, he really is a bottom (nice way of introducing us to his sexual orientation), and he is told that today he will be "taught to be a top." Oh, my, sitting on the bed is the quintessential top, Dano Sulik. Our anticipation is only exceeded by the look in Dano's eye -- he likes what he sees, and the scene shows it. These two act out a beautiful love scene, which even though it has some breaks for directions and shifts in positions, is almost seamless. They kiss lovingly and fondle each other, take cock deeply and segue into positions naturally. Mark has an extraordinary cock -- it's so big that Dano comments that he's only able to take six inches, and this one, besides being thick, is definitely nine-plus. But he takes it willingly and easily, first missionary-style and then scissor-style, before returning the compliment to his new pal, belly-down and missionary. These flip-flops are among the most intense, and best, you will see in an unrehearsed fuck film. The second camera in this scene is held by Julian Armanis, who gets so hot from filming this action that he hops into bed to worship at the base of Mark's cock. A brief, but very enthusiastic and professional, three-way cocksucking interlude follows before the boys sit side by side for explosions of cum, which are heavy, hot and very satisfying.