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Ben Dicks Jasper

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Duration: 20min 31sec Views: 3 574 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: While Jasper has shown us he loves to fuck and knows how to use that hot cock of his on a tight hole, it’s just as much of a treat to see him take a pounding every once in a while! Today he takes on Ben, who’s still new to guy/guy but has become quite enthusiastic to get into more action since his first time topping here at CF. Clearly he’s enjoyed the feeling of a tight hole around his dick, and the deep guttural moans from an attractive, muscular partner. So of course he was excited to be paired with such a stud as Jasper. These two waste no time getting right into the action. Making out leads to clothes coming off and Ben’s cock finding his way into Jasper’s hole. Jasper presents his ass for Ben to take over and over again, wanting it as hard as he can get it. Jasper stares up at at Ben and the load he sprays while Ben’s deep in him just keeps on shooting out- flying all over his stomach. After he’s sure that Jasper’s done cumming Ben comes up and plants his load on Jaspers tongue, thanking him for such a good time.