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Bare Reunion 2006

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Duration: 109min 59sec Views: 6 913 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: A school reunion with a difference, where the lads look barely old enough to have graduated, and are all as cute as fuck, reminiscing about the horny times they had together! Scene One: Did your school text books ever discuss cock sizes? That’s the topic these two twinks are reading about in the library, so of course they have to drop their pants to compare their own portions of meat! And just how cute is boyish Johny Hunter, with his blond spiky hair, sweet angelic face, and smooth toned body. Young Andrew eats Johny’s mammoth cock, teasing the bell end with his tongue. Johny rubs his stiff raw dick against Andrew’s pink asshole, then rams the full length deep inside, until he shoots his hot cum into Andrew’s open mouth. Scene Two: Two lads are smoking in the school toilets when the older one makes a move on his slim, blond friend. The slim lad is new to boy sex, but his long uncut dick quickly reacts to his mate’s warm, wet mouth, stiffening to become a lovely thick knob. All it takes is a few fingers up this virgin ass and the lad shoots his sticky wad. The kid gets to taste his first cock, sucking his older mate’s prick until he takes his first mouthful of spunk. Scene Three: Young, cute Johny from scene one is working as a stripper in a bar, and two schoolmates see his show and follow him back to his changing room to sample the goods on show. They peel Johny out of his tight jeans and jock strap, freeing up his perfect bubble butt, so one lad can suck on his big cock as the other starts to rim his tight, pink hole. Johny’s hard, bare dick slides easily into one lad’s wet asshole, and as Johny fucks his tight butt the other lad face fucks his hungry mouth. The bottom lad takes both of his mates’ bare dicks in turn, getting his hole well used, before Johny fills his own angelic face with two more cum loads. Scene Four: Two sporty students are out for a jog, and take a break to exercise a different set of muscles. We have the bigger, broader Carey seducing his slim, smaller friend, kissing him hungrily before turning his attention to what’s growing in the front of the kid’s shorts. Carey turns Jose around to taste his young asshole, before forcing his thick bare dick into this virgin crack. Carey has an impressive hunk of meat, and as the full raw length rams into Jose’s ass we can hear the lad moaning with each rough thrust. Scene Five: These two spunky teens get distracted during a study session in their shared room. Alex Stevens is so fit: short dark hair, a cheeky grin that would melt you, and a lovely defined body which his room mate Jose is soon worshipping with his mouth, sucking on Alex’s stiffening cock. Jose fingers Alex’s cute hole like an expert, probing deeper and deeper until the boy is aching for a stiff raw prick plunging between his tight muscular buttocks. And not just any cock, but he wants the monster that is lurking between Jose’s thighs, and so Jose puts this stiffness to good use on Alex’s perfect ass. Scene Six: In a dark room at a sex club Tomas and Kamil are putting a young, slim sub boy through his paces. The lad is blindfolded, and forced to his knees so he can service the two hard cocks slapping at his hungry mouth. The lad is slim, blond Andrew, with his smooth boyish body and pert butt, and these two tops give him it hard, spit roasting him roughly, and swapping ends, so each gets to plough his arse. You’ll be amazed to see that Andrew can stretch his hole to accommodate two bare dicks together as his mates double fuck him, and still he shouts for more. Kamil pulls out and cums over Tomas’s dick while he’s still fucking Andrew, so Tomas ends up using Kamil’s spunk as lube, as he continues to shag Andrew’s hungry hole. Andrew ends up with a very sticky, stretched looking hole gaping open, and a look on his face of total ecstacy. Johny Hunter, Andrew Shut, Mike Shawn, Jose Manuel, David Owen, Peter King, Carey Lewis, Jose Fernando, Alex Stevens, Kamil Fox, Tomas Dyk