Skin Contact scene 2

Duration: 24:01 Views: 8.4K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Chances are that neither Milan Sharp or Jaro Stone are ever going to be a chess grandmaster anytime soon, but we very much doubt that any one of their legion of fans is going to be too disappointed. Indeed, the vast majority of viewers will undoubtedly spend the first few moments of this superb coupling wishing their game would come to a premature end so that they can concentrate on the really important matters in life – like sucking each other’s cocks! A task that both lads energetically embrace once their pretence of liking chess has been abandoned; with Sharp making a prompt beeline for his buddy’s schlong, before Stone then returns the favour to feast on every generous inch of flesh that’s hiding in the mega-hung Sharp’s pants. However, anyone thinking that this is a scene that’s going to be heavy on oral may be somewhat disappointed given that the main thing on Stone’s mind is very clearly how quickly he can get into his mate’s ass – something he achieves with arguably unremarkable ease once he’s rimmed and fingered Sharp’s hungry little hole. From thereon in, of course, poor Sharp’s pucker doesn’t really stand a chance; with Stone on top-notch form as he buries his handsome poleaxe into his mate courtesy of a whole variety of positions. It’s a sensual, passionate session of love-making; which slowly seems to gain with intensity, culminating in Sharp riding his mate reverse-cowboy and then jizzing mid-missionary. Nicely topped off by Stone splattering the contents of his balls all over his fuck-bud’s face; before the two lads smooch their way to a sign-off!