Dixon Works Out Tom

Duration: 20:35 Views: 8.8K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: The Corbin Fisher gym sees many a work out, but they’re usually not as hot, sweaty and wild as the one Tom and Dixon get in to here! There must be something about the gym that gets Tom worked up and horny, because – when he’s on his knees, his head bobbing up and down on Dixon’s cock – we see an energy from him here that could very well go above and beyond what we’ve seen from him up until now! Then again, it could just be Dixon that gets Tom all fired up, as Dixon certainly doesn’t hold back from fucking Tom’s mouth or ass. The guys make the best use of every piece of gym equipment they can find, with Dixon pounding Tom’s hole all over the place, his cock going balls-deep in Tom’s hole from every angle. It all proves to be too much for Tom, who gets caught off guard when his orgasm comes out of nowhere and he starts spraying the room with cum. Dixon then has Tom wailing and moaning as he fucks him with a furious pace before blasting Tom’s hole with his load.