Charlie, Nick, Ceazar, Peter, Tober

Duration: 32:06 Views: 15K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Charlie Fabrovo, Nick Angelo, Nick Ceazar, Peter Axel, Tober Brandt 2008 - In it, Tober, Peter, Nick Angelo, Nick Ceazer, and my new favorite stud, Charlie Fabravo, give it everything they've got. Charlie is a stout, hairy, handsome wonder, and he dives right into the middle of the action from the get-go (so does everyone else, actually, it's just that he's my favorite). In terms of muscle sex, the heaving, hairy, sweaty, and hot bodies in this scene have no equal, and the scene rocks from start to finish. Nick Angelo goes from being fucked to fucking at lightning speed, sucking and fucking go on simultaneously throughout, and the five men find new ways to combine and alter their performances beautifully. From duos like Charlie sitting on Tober's face while stroking his own uncut dick to a big muscle pile-up near the end, with all five studs blowing their loads one by one, this scene is a stunner, and it sets the bar high for future muscle sex productions.