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Duration: 19min 21sec Views: 6 060 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Gabriel Clark has been perfecting the art of dominating his bottoms and at this point he is a pro. You would think that all those twinks would have learned their lesson by now not to mess around with him but nope. They keep coming back and they keep getting drilled and they just can't get enough! On a few occasions while filming I had to remind Gabriel that Andrew is actually a human being but I think in his understanding “twinks” are a breed of their own and deserve a special kind of treatment. The Gabriel Clark treatment. Poor little butt of Andrew's. It had no idea what it was getting itself into. Gabriel started out slow and gentle but when he was done with Andrew I finally understood what people meant when they said “ripped him a new hole”. Merry Xmas everybody and remember: if it's a hole – fuck it!