Todd Taps Brayden

Duration: 18:47 Views: 8.8K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: Both Brayden and Todd are excited to have each other to themselves on Corbin Fisher. They flirt with their eyes for a bit but they don’t stall too long – Todd is already hard. His erect dick pokes out of his underwear when he takes his pants off. After tasting the ass he’s going to lay and watching his partner melt under his mouth, Todd can’t keep the smile off his face or his dick away from Brayden! With his cock completely buried in Brayden’s hole, Todd’s beautiful plump ass is on full display, balls crashing onto Brayden! It is smoking hot as we watch two guys with serious chemistry letting go and getting into the moment. Switching into riding position, the heat intensifies even more so than before. Although he may want to hold off longer, Brayden can’t suppress how good Todd feels inside him and just has to cum. His load shoots hard and high and Todd’s load quickly follows!