Tyler Shields

Duration: 17:19 Views: 4.1K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Tyler is a one lean boy! If you like 'em young looking, skinny, and a little bit passive, he will be right up his..uh..your alley! Tyler is gay and has had a boyfriend for the last couple years. The BF is a couple years older and they seem to be cool with Tyler exploring outside the relationship. He of course needs the money, but wants to give porn a shot. He is versatile, but his BF is a top, so doesn't get much chance to fuck, so he is hoping to mix it up here. Though, with his small-frame, he just seems ready to be fucked. He is pretty passive, but once put in the driver's seat, he actually is quite good at taking charge. Tyler loves rimming and being rimmed, so I am glad to have another guy willing to toss salad on the site. So hard to get the straight guys to let another dude with a hairy hole sit on their face- it's one limit I seldom get the guys to move beyond. He is also a fan of solos. Like me, I have a great fondness for the solo, though most viewers find them boring. I dunno, something about watching a guy please himself is hot to me, and apparently Tyler. He does a fine job on his own solo, though his eyes dart around to me to make sure he is doing OK. He was really concerned that he wasn't doing a good job, and frankly, it was refreshing to work with someone who really wanted to please. Tyler will be back next week to do an oral video with Reid, who finally decided to expand his own limits. It is a whacky out-of-control oral video, so stay-tuned!