Meeting Liam - Part 4

Duration: 58:11 Views: 6.8K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Jake Jaxson's multi-layered found footage epic, Meeting Liam, comes to its grand finale with quite a few bangs! Cryptic messages, ghosts, disappearing objects, supernatural portals, and more are all finally explained in this concluding chapter featuring two mind-blowing sex scenes with Levi Karter and Ricky Roman double-penetrating Tayte Hanson and a passionate one-on-one romp with Liam Riley and newcomer Michael Milano. Meeting Liam captures a lust so strong, it penetrates decades long gone by. Beginning where the third installment left off, Tayte discovers a frazzled Liam alone in the woods for an hour even though he could have sworn he was just upstairs with him and Ricky five minutes ago. Meanwhile, Levi is still hiding in the closet when a mysterious ranger (Michael Milano) with a gun breaks in and explores the house. The house has undergone a supernatural transformation, and the boys now must try navigating back to reality. In a FaceTime chat with Ricky, Levi confirms his speculations -- they’re witnessing the ghostly events leading up to a very violent crime that happened on the property over half a century ago. Michael thinks he needs to protect the house… but Andrew (Liam RIley) helps him forget about his duties with a sweltering outdoor fuck on the porch. Meanwhile, Aaron (Tayte Hanson) and Chris (Ricky Roman) convince Luke (Levi Karter) to join them in a mind-blowing threeway where Tayte makes room for BOTH Ricky and Levi’s cocks in his DP debut that will make you come for weeks… and then spook the hell out of you with one very twisted final ending - Liam Riley, Levi Karter, Michael Milano, Ricky Roman, Tayte Hanson