Nolan Slides Into Quinn

Duration: 19:06 Views: 10K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Quinn wants to have some fun with Nolan, and looking at how hard Nolan’s dick is- he want some of Quinn too! Quinn gets down on his knees and takes all of Nolan in his mouth while he pulls and plays with his balls. When Nolan’s cock can’t get any harder, he’s ready to fuck Quinn- but first he wants to taste his cock! He wraps his mouth around Quinn’s dick, stroking the shaft while he bobs on the head. Then he bends him over and takes him from behind. Nolan makes each thrust count and with each deep thrust of his, the sensation it gives Quinn has him throwing his head back and letting out a load moan. From behind, underneath, and then right on the floor- Nolan just won’t quit! When he sees that Quinn’s at the edge, he speeds his drilling to make him shoot his load. Then he put’s his cock right into Quinn’s mouth to finish himself off back where he started- deep down his throat!