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Description: Caught with his pants down, Elder Kensington was both embarrassed and aroused. The aftershocks of his powerful orgasm were still shaking his body as the masked priesthood leader moved closer, finally planting himself on the desk directly in front of the boy. Elder Kensington was speechless; he stared at the monstrous bulge in the older man’s pants. He could feel the blood rushing to his face. He wanted to reach out and touch the crotch just inches away. Without a word, the older man took a hold of Elder Kensington’s still very swollen cock and gave it a gentle tug. Elder Kensington let out an involuntary moan. His embarrassment at getting caught was acute, but his hormones had taken over. Something about getting caught had turned him on. Making sense of the situation before this man wrapped his large hand around his penis was difficult. Now that his cock was getting fondled, thinking clearly was next to impossible. It seemed that getting caught was causing starbursts in his head. Starbursts that were opening on his crown, then sparkling down his nape, continuing through his spine and into his ass. There was a distinctly pleasurable tingling that continued into his balls, and his dick was as hard as ever. Brother Olsen could sense that Elder Kensington desperately wanted to see his cock. Slowly he unzipped his pants to reveal a sizable bulge pressing against the fabric of his garment bottoms. The boy’s eyes lit up. Instinctively Elder Kensington grabbed Brother Olsen’s erection and brought it to his mouth. He looked up for approval. A nod was all he needed to begin worshipping a cock that was nearly the size of his forearm.