Refugee - Scene 4

Duration: 20:44 Views: 7.9K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Keller Takes Every Curved Inch To A Mega-Blast Spunky Climax - Charlie Keller, Lior Hod 2018 The terrible tragedy of innocent people caught up in bloody conflicts beyond their control is not exactly your typical porn theme, but it’s one that director, John Smith, uses to full effect when he pitches the fates of Charlie Keller and Lior Hod against a backdrop of war and conflict in Dark Age Europe. To be fair it is a theme that could easily be transferred to a much more modern setting; and both stars give a very modern, full-on performance as they kiss and smooch on Keller’s prayer-mat, before things between them turn increasingly carnal. Not surprisingly, maybe, it’s Keller who makes the first move in that respect, diving down into his newfound lover’s crotch and greedily devouring every upturned inch of Hod’s gorgeous joystick. It’s a move that Hod eventually replicates – engaging in a happy little game of ball-worship in the process – but it’s arguably Keller who’s the energy force in this performance, taking Hod’s tongue up his pucker before enjoying the meaty force of his mate’s shaft as it stretches the contour of his guts. Mind, with a fabulous curve like that along its length it’s no fucking wonder that Hod’s weapon seems to give so much pleasure to the horny little bitch, who gasps and writhes like a full-time slut and whose very heights of existence seem only to come when he’s bouncing up and down on his mate’s knob. Indeed, anyone doubting the ecstasy portrayed here only has to observe Keller’s truly amazing climax, which really does have to be seen to be believed; coupled with the sight of the lad signing off by gobbling on Hod’s erupting head!