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Ryder & Brayden Take Turns

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Duration: 18min 42sec Views: 10 057 Submitted: 5 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Brayden indulges his foot fetish in this hot episode. He sucks, licks, and strokes each one of Ryder’s toes and works up and down his arc then over to the next foot. Meanwhile, Ryder lays back and enjoys watching that gorgeous guy with his hot body, on his knees, using his mouth to pleasure him- What happens next was bound to happen! After being turned on by the sensual foot massage, Ryder takes off his pants and starts stroking his hard cock right there and then. Once he’s done sucking on his toes, Brayden moves that hungry mouth of his up to Ryder’s dick! Ryder then sucks Brayden dick for a bit, turns him around and eats his hole until Brayden begs him to take it! After getting fucked, Brayden is back on his knees giving Ryder head, then eating his ass until Ryder is craving something harder and longer than Brayden’s tongue! After having experienced it himself, who was Brayden to reject Ryder’s request? Ryder’s hard cock bounces and hits his stomach while he rides Brayden and when he cums, Brayden immediately follows!