Police Prowlers Scene 2 - Part 2

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Description: Police Officers Give Four Cute, Horny Pups A Hard Ride! Part 2 - Benjamin Dunn, Nick Vargas, Noah Matous, Ray Mannix, Troy Vara, Yuri Adamov 2015 With young Ray Mannix being buggered like a cheap bitch over a table, courtesy of Troy Vara’s ever-rampant uncut dick, Yuri Adamov takes centre-stage in the midst of the horned-up foursome on the floor nearby. As a result, the young lad is soon having to accommodate Nick Vargas’s cock up his ass; whilst Benjamin Dunn plonks his shaft in the direction of the boy’s mouth. Clearly unwilling to be missing out on any of the fun, however, Noah Matous is very quickly making a beeline for Dunn’s dick at the same time. As a result, Adamov and Matous find themselves fighting to slurp on the hard, aching pole; before Vargas quits his hard-hitting exploration of Mannix’s pucker, enabling the two “outsiders” to join the fray and to turn the exquisite four-way into a half-dozen mega-fuck! Not that Adamov makes any attempt to step aside as the focal-point for the action at this point. Positions may have changed, but this über-excited slut simply can’t ever get enough of hard cock; and before you know it he’s being banged by Mannix, who in turn is being energetically shafted by Matous. The resultant fuck-sandwich is a marvel to behold; as Vargas, Vara and Dunn feverishly jerk their manhoods around them. But it’s nowhere near the highlight of this sordid exchange, with Adamov and Mannix soon clambering on-board the respective knobs of Vargas and Vara; before Adamov is finally bundled onto a rotating chair so that the team can take it in turns to screw the lucky lad’s now seriously over-worked slit. After all this, the boy won’t be able to sit down again for days!