Danny Defoe & Matthieu Pique

Duration: 23:10 Views: 16K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Many of you have noticed that coming up with original scene openings is a constant struggle for Marty. There are days, like this day, where he can’t meet this challenge. So, he decided to delegate the responsibility to the scene’s stars- Danny Defoe and Matthieu Pique. The boy’s discussion fails to inspire an original idea. But it does rouse Danny’s libido who decides that he’s more interested in Matthieu’s seminal juices than his creative juices and elects to go straight to the sex. Danny has grown since he’s started with us. He’s lost some of the sharpness of his facial features but has kept his youthful physique growing into a very handsome young man. The expertise Danny lacks in creating scene openings he exhibits in handling Matthieu’s openings finding all the right spots. He fucks him till he moans in pleasure bringing forth a copious amount of that desired seminal juice for a cum facial.