Daddy's Little Boy - Tape 7 - Father Son Doctor's Visit

Duration: 32:42 Views: 27K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Models Austin Lock, Alex Killian, Legrand Wolf. Anal, CMNM, Dad/Son, Fingering, Masturbation, Medical Exam, Older/Younger, Oral, Roleplay, Tattoo, Threesome. Austin and his dad are due for a physical, leading them to head back to their friendly neighborhood doctor, Dr. Wolf. With the week being a bit crazy, Dr. Wolf suggests they save some time by sharing an appointment. After all, the older man and his boy aren’t exactly shy about their naked bodies… Dr. Wolf loves having fun with his patients. Suppressing his desire to fuck the two of them when they walked into his office right then and there, he gives Austin his routine check up, examining his entire body while Mr. Armstrong looks on. He loves touching the boy's body while his dad watches, knowing it is turning him on. And he isn't wrong. Mr Armstrong grows hard as he observes his boy being examined by the doctor. Mr Armstrong is excited by the idea of his boy's reaction to watching his dad when he takes his turn on the doctor’s table. Mr Armstrong has never had a physical with his boy in the room, stripping down and going through the paces that his trusted doctor dictates for him. He watches as Austin looks on with curiosity, seemingly getting harder every time his cock and hole are played with. Dr. Wolf notices this as well, keenly aware that the young boy would be mesmerized seeing his old man touched and examined. As it turns out, Austin’s growing and getting more curious about his body. Not just what it can take, but what it can give as well! Dr. Wolf and Mr. Armstrong are pleasantly surprised, knowing full well that Austin has had a lot of fun bottoming, taking both of their cocks and loads again and again. Understandably, the young boy doesn’t know many people who he could have sex with outside of his old man and doctor, prompting him to turn to them for options. Mr. Armstrong is happy to help his young boy learn the other side of the boys and the bees… How lucky for Austin that he has two men so willing to show him how to fuck!