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TJ 5 Anal flip-flop

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Duration: 20min 53sec Views: 11 221 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Hey guys well i'm excited about today's release because its TJ! Yep TJ has returned and needing money of course. It looks like he's got a steady GF now and planning for his future... thus his visit today! Watch at this seasoned straight stud delivers some amazing ass licking, ass fucking, butt munching and getting fucked from behind... All in a days work! When TJ arrived at my studios it was just like old times. I haven't seen TJ in well over 8 months and he's hasn't changed a bit! Still that adorable baby face and beautiful smile along with that 6 inch cock that never goes down. Seriously! That cock stands at attention at a moments notice. Today we are shooting in the theater room and I have already set up everything so we made our way down to the rom and began running the cameras. No interviews, no banter back and forth. We got right into the action and its been a while since i've had my hands on his body so I went hog wild! TJ is always a willing participant and that's what makes him special and loved by the fans. Although straight this guy is so secure with his sexuality that the things he does with me he tells me he does with no other guy. We put a blanket on the floor and both of us took to the stage and began the traditional cock sucking that happens first. It took seconds before TJ was rock hard and this boy is rock hard! I sucked this boy and he began to grab my ass and before long had his tongue buried in my crack shoving his tongue deep inside my hole. Drove me crazy! Drove him more crazy. Well today we flip flopped the bottom position and I can tell that TJ went un willingly today because, well.... its been a long time since he's had a dick up his ass so he was not only excited but also afraid of the pain. In the end TJ delivered as always as he rammed his cock deep in side my ass and delivered a load that will never be seen. This is definitely a TJ keeper for the collection!